Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Celebrity Wedding Hair Styles

We all love a good celebrity wedding. Especially if they sell their story to the magazines and we get to see exactly what dress they were wearing, how they wore their hair and what the reception looked like. Of course most celeb weddings are more lavish and grandiose than most of us could ever recreate, but they are a useful source of inspiration. You may be able to recreate bits and pieces of your favourite celebrity couple's wedding such as the colour theme or the way the bride styled her hair.
Getting as many ideas as possible without being over-whelmed is the key to planning the perfect wedding. You can take inspiration from wedding fashion magazines and by looking at how others do it, this includes celebrities. As a society we have a huge fascination with celebrities, what they wear, what they do and especially how they get married. A wedding is a perfect excuse for a celebrity to spend vast amounts of money on a lavish celebration.
The hair styles of famous brides have always been a matter of interest to the public in general and, of course, to brides in particular as they plan their own wedding. In fact, they are one of the best sources of dream wedding beauty inspiration. There are plenty of magazines that specifically cover celebrity weddings so you are sure to be able to find some amazing inspiration.
Wedding style completely depends on what the bride wants to look like and her own personal style. One of the biggest mistakes a lot of brides make is to change their own style nearly beyond recognition when it comes to the wedding day. You still want to look like yourself on your big day, just a better version of you. Katharine McPhee was married in 2009 and wore her hair down in a very natural style on her wedding day. She commented that some brides tend to go overboard and drastically change their look for their wedding and she just wanted to look like herself.
The way you choose to wear your hair on your big day will largely depend on the location of your wedding. For example, if you opt for a countryside wedding then you may want to channel a bohemian look and accessorise with delicate flowers, or if you choose a grand church you may want to stick to a more formal style.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hair Extensions: For Long, Luscious Locks

Long, luscious locks are something that many women want but can't always achieve. Unfairly, some of us find that our hair won't grow past a certain length or that it grows at such a frustratingly slow pace that we just give up. Many of us find ourselves lusting after friends or colleagues long locks and wishing that our own hair would grow that little bit quicker or look that little bit thicker.
Well ladies, you needn't wish any more as long, gorgeous hair could be your all within a matter of hours! You too can copy the celebs and cheat your way to long hair with the help of hair extensions. All the celebrities are doing so why can't you? We often see our favourite celeb one day sporting a short style on the red carpet and the next day they are at another event with waist length flowing locks: their secret? Hair extensions.
Hair extensions are now no longer just something that celebrities use to make them look amazing on the red carpet; now you and I can also enjoy beautiful hair. Hair extensions are the perfect way to instantly update your look and enhance your natural beauty. Long hair looks great on anyone and you don't even have to go that long if you don't want to; you can use hair extensions to thicken fine hair as well. If you are fed up of trying to boost your flat style then hair extensions are the answer to all your prayers.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

6 Amazing Long Hair Styles for Women

Long hairstyles are so versatile, not only for different looks, but also for fancier styles and up-do's as well. Longer hair can be worn long and loose, with romantic curls or up in a bun for a fanciful look. Here are 6 amazing long style for women.
1. Long and layered with razor-cut ends. This look is great for many face types (round, oval, square, etc.) and is versatile as well, as you can leave it loose, curl to make ringlets and even have a partial up-do like a messy bun or even a French braid.
2. Long and curly. Romantic curls are always popular, especially among women with long hair. Stars like Jessica Simpson and Kate Beckingsale have gorgeous long hair with loose curls.
3. Tousled layers. This works best for hair that is medium in texture (not for fine or extremely thick locks). To get the look, ask your stylist for long layers and when styling, finger-comb through your tendrils for a classic tousled look. You can also make a partial up-do by sweeping up the sides with barrettes or Bobby-pins and letting the back cascade down in flowing layers. Perfect for a special date or that wedding you have to attend.